Known for water treatment systems
Bright Spark develops durable, effective and cost saving water treatment systems for the international market and is proud on having developed a unique technique to oxidise water. The system works due to electrolysis and treats drinking water without adding chemicals. The water treatment systems by Bright Spark are successfully applied in many different ways, like drinking water systems in hospitals, shipping industry and swimming pools.

Electrolysis is a process in which water is disinfected under the influence of a small electric current without adding any chemicals. The treated water is safe and will also keep the pipes and tank free of contaminants such as bacteria or biofilm.

Bright Spark provides answers to all your technical questions
Bright Spark reconciles creativity, technical knowledge and corporate drive. Founded in 2002, Bright Spark first emerged due to its inventions in the fields of water treatment. But Bright Spark offers more than that. Bright Spark is a continuous inventor in all kinds of areas. This is because a creative mind does not detract from problems or regulations but is constantly looking for new challenges.

Known for solutions
Our company is also known for its creative developments in all possible (technical) fields. Next to water treatment systems Bright Spark also develops sensor systems checking on water quality parameters. Bright Spark is part of the knowledge network of the Northern Netherlands and works closely together with Wetsus, a European leader institute for watertreatment. Therefore, Bright Spark is constantly involved in (fundamental and) innovative projects that can lead to creative solutions!

Our most innovative electrolysis system reduces the growth of biofilm and disinfect your water. The Mixed Oxidant Reactor, the core of our units, creates a variety of oxidants including chlorine dioxide and free chlorine in a low, safe level. It is thus a combination of different properties of disinfectant.

Our solutions start with your problems!

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Maurice Tax
Creative thinker